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Import data into Bkper

Import financial data from other systems into Bkper

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The import process on Bkper is simple as it leverages the Bkper Bookbot’s capabilities to help complete transactions by choosing the right accounts, avoiding the complexity of mapping fields between systems.

This makes it possible to import data from different sources, such as Bank Connections, CSV files, Google Sheets or Google Apps Scripts.
You typically import data into Bkper to: 

Import with Google Sheets

Import data into Bkper from a Google Sheet, using the Bkper add-on for Google Sheets

  1. Open the add-on.

2. Select the cells you want to record (import). 

3. On the add-on select the book where you want to import the data.

4. Press record and the cells will be recorded as drafts on the book.

  • Make the Bkper Bookbot discovery process more predictable and benefit by ordering the dataset in the following format:

       [Date] [Amount] [Origin] [Destination] [Description] [url's]


       01/25/2018 34.67 Bank Transportation filling gas https://receipturl

  • To copy transactions from another book or merge transactions into another book, use the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets. First export transactions to a Google Sheet and then import them in the other book.  

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