The Bkper add-on for Google Sheets lets you record transactions from Google Sheets and fetch Balance Values, Transactions and the Chart of Accounts with Bkper Sheets Functions from your book into Google Sheets. So, you centralize financial data on Bkper to create a P&L or Financial statements on Google Sheets.

This Google Sheets template shows a report with a Cash flow, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement and a Dashboard fetched from the Bkper template Simple General Ledger. 

Simple General Ledger Report

Note: Cells with Bkper Sheets Formulas are indicated with a note on the template.


Install & Authorize

Install Bkper from the G Suite Marketplace with one click on the install button on the top right.

Open the Add-on for Bkper from the Google sheets menu Add-ons.

The first time you access the Add-on you must authorize the access from your Google Sheet to Bkper for your user account. 

Once installed and authorized, the Add-on for Bkper and the Bkper Sheets Formulas will be available on all your Google Sheets.


Record transactions on Bkper

Open the sidebar from the Add-on menu 

1 Select the book where you want to record the transactions.
2 Select the cells with data you want record
3 Press the record button on the Record tab.

Each selected line on the Sheet generates one transaction on Bkper.


Auto Create Accounts

With a Column Title equal to a Group Name in your book, on recording Bkper will check for the Accounts existence, in case it does not yet exist, Bkper creates the new Account and adds it to that Group.


Auto Record

With Auto Record activated on a Tab every time a new row is added to a Google Sheet a transaction is recorded in Bkper.

Open the sidebar from the Add-on menu. 

1  Select the book where you want to record the transactions.
2 Prepare the data you want to record automatically (for example with a query)

3  Select Auto Record on the Bkper Sheet Add-on menu

5 Toggle the Auto Record switch so it says YES

6 New rows on the tab will be recorded on your Bkper book 

NOTICE: When new rows are recorded, a pointer to the last recorded row is stored in the Spreadsheet document, so, deleting a row already recorded may let the pointer stale, pointing to a blank row, thus, not recording new lines until reach the pointer again. Avoid deleting already recorded rows and, if you really need to delete a row already recorded, you can reset the pointer by turning off and turning on the Auto-Record to that tab.

Auto Record on Bkper Tube


Fetch Group & Account Balance Values and Transactions

Open the sidebar from the Add-on menu. 

1  Select the book you want to Fetch data from.
2 Click the Fetch Tab.
3 Write or Copy your query in the input field
4 Make your selection of the data you want to Fetch.
5 Press the Fetch button.
6 the Bkper Sheet Formula is inserted in the selected cell and it starts to fetch the requested data from Bkper into your sheet. 

Note: - In step 1, 3 and 4 you generate the conditions for the Bkper Sheet Formula.
          - Afterwords you can edit the Bkper Sheet Formula directly.
          - Only Posted transactions will be fetched, drafts are not included.

Get inspired with this Google Sheet template to create your own financial report, fetching data from a Bkper book.

Assist a Bkper Function video or Learn more about  Bkper Sheets Formulas

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