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Copy transactions

Describes the different ways how you can duplicate/repeat transactions

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How to copy just one transaction

  1. Sign in to Bkper.

  2. Open your book.

  3. Go to the Transactions page.

  4. Select a transaction.

  5. On the center of the page, press the three 3 dots icon of the input form.

  6. Then, press the green button ">>" to post.

Copy transactions when you copy a book

  1. Open the Configuration menu (Gear button).

  2. Select "Make a copy...".

  3. Then, give the Copied book a name.

  4. Check "Copy Transactions".

  5. Enter the date from which transactions will be copied or leave it blank if you want to copy all transactions.

  6. Press "Save".

Note: only book owners can copy transactions when copying a book

Copy transactions using Google Sheets

To copy transactions from another book or merge transactions into another book, use the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets. First export transactions to a Google Sheet and then import them in the other book. See more here.

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