Frozen First Row on Google Sheets

Learn how Freezing the first row on your Google Sheet enhances your workflow when Recording data on Bkper

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By Freezing the first row on Google Sheet you unlock some specific features on the Bkper Add-on when you Record Transactions, Accounts and Groups.

System Properties

Columns with system properties as header names can be placed in any order on your Sheet. This offers more flexibility when working with different formats.

System property

What it does


You can generate unique ids for your transactions


The post date of the entry


The amount on the entry


The origin account on the entry


The destination account on the entry


The description with external urls


  • In Case the first row is not frozen the order in which the data is parsed determines their meaning in Bkper. For example the First Account name found on a row will become the From account.

  • External Urls and Links are part of the Description.

  • To Generate unique ids you need to freeze the first row and a column with an ID header name.

Custom properties

Custom properties are the columns with other header names than system properties. This empowers you to Batch record custom properties in key:value pairs on Bkper. The key is the column header name and the value is the content on the row in that column.

Note: Custom properties for books cannot be recorded via Google Sheets.

Ignore columns on recording

Blank Column headers are ignored when recording data with the Bkper Add-on.

This is useful for example when the Sheet is part of other processes and holds additional information that does not need to be recorded in Bkper. Think of checkboxes that are used as part of an internal process to confirm a status.

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