Bkper lets you store specific information about your books or accounts into key/value pairs. 

You can use custom properties to store and centralize data or external references, such as URL's and ID's, to data on other systems. 

Account properties

Let's suppose that you need to add informations about a client, such as the address, phone (or any other information). You can use Account properties to insert description informations about it. Take a look at this example:

Emails and Urls are rendered as clickable links on accounts list

How do I create Account Properties?

  1. Go to Accounts Page
  2. Click on "New Account" or Edit an account
  3. Click on "Add property"

Book properties

Imagine you are a company and you want to store in your book, besides its name, the address and country. You can specify these or any other informations on Book properties. It's easy, take a look at this example of our book:

How do I create Book Properties?

  1. Open your book
  2. Go to Settings ⚙️
  3. Click on Configurations
  4. Click on Book Properties
  5. Add property

> Things to remember:

  • Property keys only allows lowercase.
  • Spaces between the words on keys are transformed into "_" (underscore)
  • To remove a property, just delete the key or value
  • All changes on properties (delete, edit, etc) are registered on activities

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