The Tax Bot automates VAT and other Sales Taxes calculations.

It works by reading the properties in your book, applying taxes rates and recording another transaction.

Take a look at these examples:

You manufacture Product A from the Materials A and Materials B. On Product sales register 7.25% Sales Tax and on the Materials purchases you register respectivelly 7.25% and 8.5%.

  • Tax on sales

Create an Output tax (liability) account.

Create a Product A (incoming) account and insert the properties:

- Set the tax_description to the Product A account.
- Set the tax_rate to the Product A account.

  • Tax on purchases

Create an Input tax (asset) account.

Create a Materials A and a Materials B account (outgoing) and insert the properties:
- Set the tax_description to both Materials accounts.
- Set the tax_rate to both Materials accounts.

Record purchase and sales entries with the taxes included so the Bkper Tax Bot can calculate and record it on the respective asset or liability account.

Tax transactions working example

Notice the transactions recorded by the Bkper Tax Bot on the right.

Closing the Sales Tax period: Balance Tax in with Tax out to calculate the due (or receivable) amount.

The Tax Bot is installed via our Automations Portal

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