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Bkper Bots Execution
Bkper Bots Execution

Executing automated jobs for users

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Bots are a specialized kind of App that react to events from your Books.

A Bkper Bot can, for example, calculate taxes on transaction posting, convert currencies on transaction checked or post a message to Slack on comment created.

Bot agents

Bots run on behalf of the user who installed it, and the agents are identified in the transactions and activities list:

Bot responses

The bot responses are registered in the activity which started the bot call and can be viewed and replayed by clicking on the response at the bottom of the activity:

Bot errors

Bot execution are usually idempotent and is tried up to 5x with a small delay between calls. If, for some uncontrolled reason, the bot returns an error, the response is registered with an error flag, and is presented in red:

You can replay the bot execution anytime by clicking in the top right icon.

Transaction with bot errors can be filtered by running the query:



The bots work by reading the book and accounts properties in your book.

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