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Integrate a Bank Connection with a Bkper Book
Integrate a Bank Connection with a Bkper Book
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Create a Bank Integration with a Bkper Book

  1. Sign in to Bkper.

  2. Open your book.

  3. Click Bkper Settings Menu button (โš™๏ธ).

  4. Select Automations.

  5. Click on User Connections (on the left)

  6. Click on the User Connection.

  7. Click on Link Account on a specific account of this FI

    The Book Integration starts

  8. Select or Create the Account to associate with this FI account

  9. Select a Period to retrieve transactions from this FI account

  10. Press Save Integration.


It can take some time (~48 hours) for Transactions from a FI to appear on your book.

The larger the period of historical data you select, the longer it can take (up to two days) for those transactions to appear in your book. This is because the data has to be gathered, checked and prepared to be send from the FI.

In some case historical data it is not supported by the FI, in this case you have to import the historical data.

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