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Introduction to Collaboration on Bkper
Introduction to Collaboration on Bkper

Learn to do bookkeeping internally with team members and report to external peers

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Bkper's visual representation of double entry transactions is kept simple to make it more collaborative, while still having the robust debits and credits based core to consistently do bookkeeping and accounting.

- The flow representation is closer to the reality.

- The visual presentation is appealing to work with.

- It's easier to understand for non accountants.

- It sets a common language among clients, accountants and developers.

Bkper Books keep all double entry Transactions and the Balance values consistently over time in one place. Keeping everything (historical events, comments, attachments, meta data, etc) within the context of one book, creates a single source of truth where you work together with your peers all having the same reference and comprehension of all events.

- No open ends in communication.

- Everyone sees the same thing, leading to less misunderstandings.

- One Context, means less switching between systems.

- One Format, means no conversions between systems.

- No need for batch processing.

Collaboration tools in Bkper.

Share your Bkper Book at different levels of permissions with your collaborators and peers.

Instead of sending emails leaving the context of your book, you communicate directly within the context of your book with your team members through comments.

Attach bills, invoices, receipts, payments etc directly to their corresponding transactions within your book. Drive production by having all these files within the context of your work and not having to look these up in separate filesystems or emails.

Questions like who did what and why are immediately answered by a consistent activity history on each component in Bkper. Simply open the activities of an object and all the historical events of that component (Transactions, Accounts & Groups) are right there.

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