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Go Paperless with attachments and links

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Attachments and External links are a great way to keep all information together in one place in your book and run a paperless bookkeeping.


You can add multiple files to transactions, so you and your peers can easily contextualize a transaction in the way that's best for you. 

You can upload any file type with a maximum attachment size of 20MB. There is no limitation on the total number of attachments added by a user to any book. Each row on files uploaded with the extensions .txt and .csv are converted into transactions. 

Important: Image files with the extensions .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .webp and .pdf files will be attached to the transaction and will be rendered on your browser within your book.  All other file types are not rendered on your browser within your book and can be downloaded.

How to add attachment?

1) Click on the paperclip on the input and follow the upload flow.

2) Attach files on the gray form section. This action will automatically create a transaction and all files will be part of it.

3) Record new entries by dropping files into the white space below the transaction list. Each file will become one new draft.

4) Add attachments to existing transactions by dropping one or more files on the transaction where you want to add the files.

Where ever you drop a CSV file all entries in the file will be recorded as individual drafts.

Edit Attachment

  1. To remove, click on the "X". You can delete attachments and the activities will show who deleted what files in the transaction history.

2) To insert more files in the same transaction, click on the paperclip.

View Attachment

Click on the paperclip on the transaction and the attachment pops up.


  • You can add both an attachment and external links to Transactions. 

  • Cellphone Transactions are recorded with a geo reference link.

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