Business General Ledger Template
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If you are new to the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets this Template is a great starting point where you can copy a Bkper Book with a simple Chart of Accounts and the Google Sheet Report that fetches data from the book.

Follow these Instructions to make it work for you

1 Make a copy of both the Template Book

2 Make a copy of the Sheet Template

Note: select "My Drive" in the copy dialogue to make the copy.

3 Get the bookid from your copy of the Book.

4 Replace the bookid on the instructions tab with your own bookid.

5 Record a Transaction on your book

6 Change the year on the instructions tab and check out the other tabs.


When you copy a Sheet with Bkper Functions it can take a while before the cache of that sheet to update and recognize the Bkper Formulas. You'll see #ERROR! in the fields that hold Bkper formulas. This recognition might occur a bit faster when you close & open the copy of your sheet. Anyways eventually the errors will disappear and data from your book will show up.

If you change the name of the Total Equity Group on your copy of the book you must also change that name in the query on the Bkper Function in your copy of the Sheet report.

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