Follow the steps bellow to post your first transaction on Bkper. 

Open a book.

Record a transaction

Write #fuel 43 and press the (grey) Record button.

The first time, the Bkper Bookbot does not know what your entry means and it records an incomplete transaction as a draft. 

Add file attachments

Optionally add file attachments to your transactions.

Post the Transaction

Click the pencil on the draft to complete it. On the form that opens fill out the From and To accounts and press the Green Record button.

Note: The first time you use an account you'll be asked to indicate the account type (incoming, asset, liability or outgoing).

That's it, you have posted your first transaction on Bkper.
Did you notice how the account balance values on the left menu got updated?

Repeat these steps

Now go ahead and record another transaction with the #fuel hashtag. This time you will see how the Bkper Bookbot recognizes this entry and completes the from and to accounts for you. Now, all you have to do is click the green button on the draft to post the transaction and adjust the balance values. 

The next chapter of this getting started guide shows how to manage your Accounts.

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