Learn all about the details when you post your first transaction on Bkper.

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A transaction is nothing more then moving a resource (money or credit) from one place to another. When you pay a taxi for a ride, the amount of money that goes from your wallet to the driver represents a transaction.

This real life transaction, in Bkper, is represented by an Amount that goes from an Origin Account to a Destination Account. Where the Origin Account represents your wallet or cash and the Taxi driver is the Destination Account. The amount on the transaction is the quantity of money that you paid for the ride.

The video How the economy works by Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates explains Transactions in a broader context.

Record your first Transaction on Bkper

Detailed Steps to Record your first Transaction on Bkper

Record a Draft

Write in natural language "Taxi 25" into the input field on your book and press the red record button.

Great, you have Recorded a Draft entry in your book!

Bkper interpreted the number 25 as the amount of the transaction and the question marks on the draft indicate that Bkper does not yet understand what the From and To Accounts are for the "Taxi" entry.

Post the Transaction

Click the red Edit button on the left in the draft.

The Input form opens, it allows you to edit or add additional data to your entries. In case of this first transaction on an empty book you need to create the From and To Accounts.

Click on the From Account question mark and write "Cash", following that click elsewhere In the form.

The Create Account for opens, select the Asset type and press the Create button.

Repeat these steps for the To Account, to create an Outgoing "Transport" Account.

Press the green Post button once you complete the form.

Congrats, you have Posted your first Transaction on Bkper.

The Accounts and their Balance values are now listed on the Left menu.

Note how the Cash and Transport accounts tally zero.

Repeat these steps with the input "Taxi 30"

Bkper now understands the meaning of "Taxi" and completed the From and To Account for you on the Draft.

Post this draft by pressing the green Post button on the left in the draft.

The Balance Values on the left menu are updated at each posted transaction.


  • The double entries in Bkper always sum all Debits and Credits to zero.

  • Though this is a cash example Bkper manages the accrual method in the same manner.

  • You first record drafts that do not change balance values and secondly you post transactions that change Balance values on your book.

  • Colours represent account types: Asset, Liability, Incoming and Outgoing.

  • The Bkper Bookbot learns in one or two transactions how to complete the from and to accounts.

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