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Bkper Bank Connections
Introduction to Bkper Bank Connections
Introduction to Bkper Bank Connections

Record transactions on your book as they happen on your bank account

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Bkper Bank Connections allow you to connect directly to your Financial Institution (banks, credit card operators, credit unions etc) and record the transactions on your book as they happen at the Financial Institution (FI).

Bkper integrates with FI in North America and Europe via and In Brazil with

Bkper Bank Connection

Bkper Bank Connections consists of three parts.

The first part is the User Connection, which consists of the authentication and authorization to connect to a FI by a specific user.

The second part is the Book Integration that tells Bkper where to record the data that comes from the FI.

The third part is to Post Transactions in your books.

This separation in three parts is relevant for example when a professional (bookkeeper, CPA) shares a book with its client who creates the User Connection, without sharing any credentials with the professional. Once that connection is established the Professional can integrate that connection with a specific Account on a Book to record the transactions that come from this client's User Connection.

The user, which does not have to be the book owner, has control over the credentials and can disconnect whenever he or she wants to.

Bkper Bank Connections How To

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