Install Bkper add-on for Google Sheets

Install the Bkper extension in your Google Sheets

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Install Bkper Add-on

  1. Open your Google Sheets.

  2. On the menu Extensions >> Add-ons >> Get Add-ons.

  3. Search for Bkper and open the search result.

  4. Click the add-on.

  5. To install the add-on, click Install >> Continue.

  6. Select the user for installation.

  7. Read and understand the Scopes Bkper uses and press Allow.

  8. The Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets is now installed, press Done.

Authenticate & Authorize the Bkper Extension

The first time you use the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets you need to Authenticate and Authorize access to the Bkper API.

Open the Bkper Add-on for the first time from the menu.

On the Bkper Add-on press Sign in with Google

Select the account you want to Authorize access to the data on Bkper.

Close the authorization window.

You are now ready to use the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets

The Add-on Installation includes

The Bkper Functions (Not visible on the Extension menu, write =BKPER_ in Sheet Cells)

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