Auto Record Transactions
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Activate Auto Record on a Tab, and each new row added on a Google Sheet is automatically recorded as a new entry on your Bkper book. This is especially handy when you automatically send data to your Google Sheet (Google Form or Query).

  1. Open the sidebar from the Add-on menu.

  2. Select the book where you want to record the transactions.

  3. Prepare the data you want to record automatically (for example with a Google Form or with a Google Sheet Query formula).

4. Select Auto Record on the Bkper Sheet Add-on menu.

5. Toggle the Auto Record switch so it says YES.

6. New rows on the tab will be recorded on your Bkper book.

Note: When new rows are recorded, a pointer to the last recorded row is stored in the Spreadsheet document, so, deleting a row already recorded may let the pointer stale, pointing to a blank row, thus, not recording new lines until the pointer is reached again. Avoid deleting already recorded rows and, if you really need to delete a row already recorded, you can reset the pointer by turning off and turning on the Auto-Record for that tab.

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