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Free Bkper Subscriptions on Google Cloud
Free Bkper Subscriptions on Google Cloud

Follow these 8 Steps to get a Free Bkper Subscription with Google Cloud Trial Credits.

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New Customers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) receive $300 credit that can be used for Bkper Subscriptions on the GCP Marketplace.  (learn more)

  1. Access The GCP Free trial page.

2. Agree to the terms and fill out the form.

Note: You’ll have to add Credit Card information, but nothing is charged to you.

3. Press continue and you are done on this part.

4. Go to Click on the notification on the top right.

This takes you to your first project on the Google Cloud Console, mentioned inthe notification.

5. Click Activate on the top right corner to activate your credits

6. Click Upgrade

7. Go to Bkper on the GCP Marketplace. Scroll down to the Bkper subscription plans.

8. Click subscribe to a paid subscription.

That’s it you can now start to work on Bkper 

Check on the Google Cloud Console billing page if you are actually using the credits.

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