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Free Bkper Subscriptions on Google Cloud
Free Bkper Subscriptions on Google Cloud

Apply your Google Cloud Credits to acquire a Bkper Subscription

Updated over a week ago

New Customers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can join a Free Trial period of one year where they can spend $300 in Credits on the Cloud Platform. You can use this credit to acquire a Bkper Subscriptions on the GCP Marketplace.  (learn more)

  1. When you are new on Google Cloud you are redirected to the welcome page.

  2. In the top right corner click the blue "Activate" button on the credit banner.

  3. Activate your full account.

  4. Go to your Billing page.

  5. Scroll down and in the right menu you can find the Credits that apply to you, or your organisation.

This credit will now be consumed by everything that you consume on Google Cloud, so if you Subscribe to Bkper on Google Cloud you get your Bkper Business Subscription for Free for the first year.

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