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Subscribe to Bkper on Google Cloud
Subscribe to Bkper on Google Cloud

Aquire Bkper with your Google Cloud billing account via the Google Cloud Marketplace

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Subscribe to Bkper via the Google Cloud Marketplace with your Google Cloud Billing account. Receive a single invoice from Google for all your GCP products and services and enjoy localized payment options.

Subscribe on Google Cloud Marketplace

Login to Google Cloud with the book owner account.

Click the blue "VIEW ALL PLANS" button

Press the blue "SELECT" button on the plan of your choice.

Select the correct Billing Account in the Purchase Details

Accept the Additional Terms

Press the blue "Subscribe"button at the end of the page.

Once you have subscribed, press the blue "SIGN UP WITH BKPER" button

Go through the authorisation & authentication flow to associate your GCP Subscription with your Bkper login.

You are now subscribed to Bkper through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

On the GCP Marketplace page you can now see your Subscription status.

Note: - Bkper annual billing discounts are only available on the Bkper Pricing page.
          - Google Cloud Platform Terms Apply to Payment, Billing and Refund policies.

- Bkper's Refund policy does not apply to Google Cloud Purchases.

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