Saved queries

Ideal to reduce your workload on periodic reporting.

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Saved queries are a powerful tool to reduce your workload on periodic reporting.

Prepare the search conditions with date variables to get the right data set and save the query for later use. Either with one click on the web app or with auto update on the Google Sheet add-on for Bkper. 

How to save a query?

  1. Open your book.

  2. In the search box, type the your query.

  3. Then, open the Bkper Context menu.

  4. Select 'Save Query'.

  5. Give it a significant name so you can easily identify it later on.

  6.  Click 'OK' to save your query.

How to access a saved query?

You can access it through your Bkper book or through Bkper add-on for Google Sheets.

Through your Bkper book:

  1. Open your book.

  2. Go to the left side of the dashboard.

  3. Click the saved query on the web app to get the updated results.

Through Bkper add-on for Google Sheets:

  1. Open a Google Sheets.

  2. Select your book.

  3. Click 'Fetch'.

  4. Select your saved query.

  5. Use the saved query to fetch data into your Google Sheet with the add-on for Bkper.

'Save query' is a feature of Bkper paid plans.

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