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Easy recording for team members makes all the difference when it comes to keeping books up to date.

  • The position and case in which a description is entered is irrelevant.

  • The first value found on the description is considered the value of the transaction.

  • The language in which records are entered is irrelevant.

Source accounts ( from/credit) and destination accounts (to/debit) are discovered by the Bookbot when entering its names, previous used descriptions, hashtags or location.

Note: the value entry depends on the books setting.
​ Note: languages written RTL finish with the hash tag (on the left).

1) Description
Any text entered that is not recognized as an account, amount, date or command, will be recorded as description.

2) Amount
Example: 35.95
Records the amount, no matter the order, matching your book's settings for numbers.
Note: For a book with 2 fraction digits and comma separator, a record like "invoice 12345 value 12,34" the value considered will be 12,34, since it better matches the book's settings.

3) Hastags
 #sometag Records a tag
Note: Record a tag with a minus sign in front of it, e.g. -#sometag, will make the system to forget about that tag, and not replace words or find accounts automatically based on that tag, until you use it again.

4) Dates
 05/21/2015 Records on this date.
 05/21 Records on this date of the current year.
​ Note: the date format depends on your book settings.

5) Record Multiplier (Installment Bot)
Example: 4x
Records the entry (draft) the next four months on the same day.
Note: use letter "x" not the multiplier asterisk symbol . Note: This only works on the one line input, not on the form to post.
 Take a look at this example. I inserted: 4x 23/06 #fuel 43.00

Then, the transactions appeared on the book:

6) Attachment
Click on the paperclip to upload a file attachment to your record.

7) URL (link)
Records a link to an external resource.

8) Putting it all together
205.00 01/01/2015 5x #insurance #car
Records 5 drafts on the first day (01) of January till may, each with the value 205.00 and the description #insurance #car

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