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Google Workspace integrations
Google Workspace integrations

Reimagine financial collaboration through Bkper Integrations with Google Workspace

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The Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets

Record raw data from a Google Sheet in Bkper as transactions to centralize financial data securely in one place and at the same time fetch financial data from your Bkper book to create beautiful collaborative dashboards for reporting and analysis.


Each Bkper Book has a unique email address, so you can email expense receipts or forward invoices as attachment directly to a Bkper Book to record such entries without delay.

Google Apps Script

The BkperApp is a Google Apps Script Library that let you extend your Google Workspace with Bkper automations. You can build your own Apps, Bots and other workflow automations based on Financial events that happen on your Bkper Books.

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