The Bkper Email integration allows you to record drafts with attachments by email. This makes it very easy to record invoices, receipts, bills or any other information by forwarding emails to Bkper and turn them in transactions, saving you valuable time.

Let's see how it works?

  1. Sign into your Bkper account
  2. Access your book
  3. Click 'More' button 
  4. Then, click 'Record transactions by email.'

After this, Gmail will open to insert what ever you want to send in this email to your book.

Four items that you have to pay attention to: 

  1. In the "To" field, the email address of this book will automatically be inserted. You can always send/forward emails to your book with this email address. 
  2. The content in the "Subject" field, turns into a comment on the newly created transaction in your book.  
  3. The text you enter in the body of your email, turns into the data of your newly created record: date, value, description.
  4. Email Attachments turn into attachments on transactions on your book.

Note: An email reply, to a comment about one transaction on a book, with two or more files attached to, will attach all files to this one transaction.  
Now, a newly created email, with two or more files attached to it, send to a book, will record a draft for each attachment and attach one file to each newly recorded draft.   

A book's email address is composed as follows, so you can always compose the email address of any book. 

You must have write permissions on a book in order to be able to record drafts by email. 

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