For many of you, repeating transaction is a common problem when you have input from different sources. Importing a Credit Card OFX file and a Bank OFX file, will likely repeat the Credit card payment, obviously leading to the wrong balance values, right

Merge Transactions

Merge duplicate entries and keep the historic reference of both. You can easily merge two transactions into one, keeping the correct balance values, preserve all the data in one transaction and have the historic reference on your Activities. 

Merge Books

We do not have a ready to use tool to merge books

Basically the steps to merge books are: 

  1. Export data from a book 
  2. Prepare data to import (optional) 
  3. Prepare receiving book (optional) 
  4. Import data in receiving book 

Step 1
Export all the transactions from a book with the Google Sheet Add-on for Bkper with Fetch. To make sure you get all the transactions in the search query you can put after:$y-10

Step 2
Prepare data to import (optional)
With formulas (query, import, lookup)  you can seperate receivables, payables etc. on seperate tabs and use the column titles of corresponding groups in the receiving book to auto create missing accounts.
Learn more about Auto create accounts

Step 3
Prepare the receiving book (optional)
In this step you can create accounts and/or groups to reflect the balance values of accounts on the old book. 

Step 4
Import (Record) the data with the Google Sheets Add-on for Bkper on the receiving book.
Good practice is to start with just a few entries and adjust entries as needed so the Bookbot helps you as you start to import larger batches of entries. 

For the reporting alternative what you do is you fetch relevant data per property on seperate tabs and create a consolidated report tab for the owner summing totals from the property tabs. 

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