With bkper Google Forms Add-on you can customize the way you, or your user, records data in your books, by specifying fields and validation rules. Each form submission can generate records in one or many books.

Authorize access to bkper for your add-on

Linking Books

You can easily record transactions from your Google Forms by linking books to it, as follows:

 Each bound book will have the forms responses submitted to it.


Templates are optional. If you don't specify them (default), all form responses will be inserted.

In templates, you can insert the form item responses by referencing-it by the item index, for example:

"[0] #[1] #somehashtag"

This template will insert the item at the position index 0 and 1 in the params [0] and [1].

You can also use the [all] param if you want to reference to all responses. For example:

"[all] #somehashtag"

This will replace the [all] param by all responses, separated by spaces.

For Checkboxes and Grid item types, you can also specify the item choice by "." (dots), for example, suppose the item at position index 2 is a Checkbox:

"[0] [1] [2.0] #[2.1] #expenses"

This will replace the [2.0] param by the first choice of the item 2, and the [2.1], with the second choice.


If you select the Form Settings "Automatically collect respondent's XXXX username", the username will be recorded, otherwise, the trigger owner will be recorded.

Remove Link

To remove a Google Form link to a Book, just remove the link as follows:

From there on you will no longer record transactions from that Form.

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