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Known Issues - Bkper Web App
Known Issues - Bkper Web App

Trouble shooting for the Bkper Web App

Updated over a week ago

We are constantly improving our service, still there are a few matters that you might encounter, of which we are aware and we are working on to fix them or they are out of our range to fix (browser issues for example).

Can't Login into the Web App

Some browsers default configurations can block the login into Bkper with your Google Account.

If you can't login check the three issues below:

Third party cookies

The Google Login requires the third party cookies to work in order to login, so if they are blocked, the login to Bkper will not work.

1) Go to your chrome cookies settings at this url: chrome://settings/content/cookies
2) Check "Allow all cookies"

Other browsers:
โ€‹ Firefox | Internet Explorer | Safari

Logged in to different Google Accounts at the same time

It can happen that you are logged in to more than one Google Account in the same browser session. Because of this it can happen that the authentication on login does not work properly.

  1. Logout from Google, by clicking in this link:

  2. Login again at:

To avoid this problem you can create different browser profiles each for one different Google account.

Error 400: admin_policy_enforced

  1. Find Bkper and revoke access:

3. Go to and login again

After authorization works, if you user any Add-on such Sheets, or Google Integration, you might need to reopen them and reauthorize too.

Draft Counter Stuck

It can happen that the drafts counter shows a number while there actually aren't any drafts on your book. This has to do with the way drafts are processed internally but it does not affect your Balance values or your Transaction counters.

If the number does not correct after a screen update and it really bothers you, you can let us know via support and we can reset the draft counter from our side.

We are working on a fix for this, still without ETA.

Repeating Remote IDs

Recording transactions through the REST API with a unique numeric user ID can occasionally record twice even with the same ID, so they aren't idem potent.

This apparently is due to the data storage behavior and the "longer" the id used , the likelier this issue occurs.

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