Periodic Balances Function
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Fetch periodic balances from your Bkper book. Gives you the periodic account balance values related to a time range.

=BKPER_BALANCES_PERIOD(bookId, cache, query, expanded, transposed, hideDates)

Sample usage

=BKPER_BALANCES_PERIOD("agtzfmJrcGVyLWhyZHITCxIGTGVkZ2VyGICAgKD_4bMLDA", 1, “group:'Revenue' after:01/2016 before:01/2017”, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE)

Explaining the syntax:

  • bookId: string - The universal Book Id.

  • cache: number - Cache-control. Increase to clean cache and force fetch update.

  • query: string - The query.

  • expanded: TRUE, FALSE or number - Expand group tree. True to expand itself, -1 to expand all subgroups. -2 to expand all accounts. Any number to expand up to a specific level

  • transposed: TRUE or FALSE - Transpose the result

  • hideDates: TRUE or FALSE - Hide dates row/column

- The result is ordered by account names.
- If not referenced in the query the default period is monthly.
- The periodic balance values are fetched for the debits / credits in a range of time.
- Useful for P&L

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