Fetch Balance Values from Bkper

Report Financial Statements by Fetching Balance Values from Bkper

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Google Sheets is a strong reporting and analysis tool that has proven itself amongst Spreadsheets solutions. Therefor you can fetch financial data from Bkper into your Google Sheet so you can prepare your statements and reports to share with your peers.

The advantage is that your reports and statements are much cleaner and as Bkper Formulas stay connected with your books, they are updated with real time data.

Fetch Balance Values from Bkper

Open the Bkper Side Bar on Google Sheets.

  1. Select the book you want to Fetch data from.

  2. Click the Fetch Tab.

  3. Select Balances.

  4. Write your Query in the input field.

  5. Press the Fetch button.

  6. The Bkper Sheet Formula is inserted in the selected cell and it fetches the requested data from Bkper into your sheet.

Total, fetches Total Balance Values according to the Query (step 4).

Period, fetches balance value totals for the period defined in the query.

Cumulative, fetches cumulative values for the period defined in the query.

Transposed, shows the results either in columns or in rows.

Collapsed, When you query a Group (step 4) you can expand the levels pending under a parent group in the Hierarchy.

Function: Inserts a Bkper Function that stays connected with your book.

Values: Fetches only data one time. (Does not insert a Bkper Function, is static and does not update)

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