Fetch Groups From Bkper
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Fetch Groups from a Bkper Book

Similar to fetching data from your Bkper books, you can fetch the Groups from your book. Although you can copy books directly, having the Groups in a Google Sheet is useful to quickly reproduce books with modifications, by recording the groups.

Open the Bkper add-on for Google Sheets.

  1. Select the book you want to Fetch the Chart of Accounts from.

  2. Click the Fetch Tab.

  3. Select Groups

  4. Press the Fetch button.

  5. The Bkper Sheet Formula is inserted in the selected cell and it fetches the Chart of Accounts from Bkper into your sheet.


By selecting Groups, a list of groups is fetched in the format os Name, Type, Parent name, Children (the number of child groups that group has) and Accounts (the number of accounts in that group). Hidden groups are not included.

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