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Introduction to the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets
Introduction to the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets

A conceptual overview about the Bkper Extension for Google Sheets.

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Google Sheet is a solid Spreadsheet in the cloud, a secure and sturdy service where teams can collaborate and analyze their numbers or create amazing reports and beautiful dashboards.

Where many work with financial data stored on Google Sheets together with their reports or analysis, Bkper offers the possibility to separate transactions from any manual manipulation on a Sheet in a simple way, guaranteeing the consistency of data in time whilst still having this data fully available in Google Sheets through the Bkper Add-on.

The Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets works both ways, which means you can record data from a sheet in Bkper and / or fetch relevant data from your book to your sheet.

Record Data from Google Sheets on Bkper

Export financial data from any software or institution to your Google Sheet and Record this data with the Bkper Add-on in your Bkper Books.

Without the need of other integrations and without a lot of preparation you can quickly proceed to record your financial data on Bkper so it's stored as double entry transactions consistently in time.

Fetch Data from Bkper to your Google Sheet.

Create beautiful and dynamic reports on Google Sheets by fetching data from your Bkper Books with the Bkper Add-on.

These Bkper reports are dynamic since the reports stay connected to your Bkper Book so that each posted transaction in your book updates the reports on your Sheets.

Also, as you change your report (for example a data range) it will update with data from your book that corresponds to the changes in your report.


Bkper does not come with pre defined reports embedded in the web app, instead you can use the features you are already used to on Google Sheets to create your own reports.

Instead of working with Lookup formulas to get information from transactions on your sheet you only fetch relevant data from Bkper. For example total balance values that matter for a specific report or analysis.

This reduces the risk of inconsistencies in formulas or the transactions stored on a Sheet, simplifying the way you work, gaining in flexibility to create new insights quickly whilst still being able to create standard reports as in your financial statements.

Google Workspace Marketplace

The Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets is free to use and is published as an open-source project on GitHub that meets Google's security standards.

You can install the Bkper Add-on via the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Bkper Add-on Functionalities

Record in your book:

Fetch to your Google Sheet:

  • Transactions

  • Transactions

  • Accounts

  • Accounts

  • Groups

  • Groups

  • Balance Values

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