Account Reconciliation

Reconcile Bkper Accounts with real life Accounts

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Use the daily Account Balance Values on Transactions to reconcile it with a real Account. (running balance or rolling balance)

  1. Login to Bkper.

  2. Go to your book.

  3. Select the Account on your book for the same period that represents the real account from the statement.

    By Selecting an Account, the daily balance values shows on the last transaction of each day.

    This is the corresponding Bank Statement for the Account and period on your book.

    From the final balance value on the book you can quickly detect the difference between the Book and the Statement (-72.47 vs -92.22).

  4. Compare the daily balance value on the transactions (rolling or running balance) from the beginning of the period till you detect what causes the difference.

    The book

    The statement

  5. Correct any difference you find by editing the transaction.

  6. After correcting (all) the error(s) during the period for the Account the daily balance value on all transactions match the daily balance value on the Statement.

The Check mark โœ… on transactions embraces more than the balance value alone (think of missing attachments, comments etc), it can greatly aid you in the task of reconciliation by checking all reconciled transactions, giving you a clear reference of reconciled transactions.

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