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Bkper for Accountants

A shift in paradigm brings a higher abstraction model which is a game changer

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Bkper's core implements the same basics as any double-entry bookkeeping or accounting system, although, with a key differentiating factor:

Instead of being driven by debits and credits:

We are driven by a transaction flow:

Both representations above are fundamentally the same, but the shift in paradigm introduces a higher level of abstraction which is a game changer.

- The flow representation is closer to the reality.

- It's easier to understand for non accountants.

- It sets a common language among clients, accountants and developers

- Enables much more effective financial modelling

- Enhances control and audit

- Presents accounting as a strategic tool, rather than a tax and compliance burden

In this scenario of databases and batch processes:

Bkper is built as an event driven API:

Converting a complex, rigid, compliance driven and with lots of security issues environment, into a consistent and organized Ledger.

By organizing your infrastructure this way, you achieve:

- Flexible and simple customizations.

- Reusable components and services. (Bots, Apps and Templates)

- Streamlined and safe collaboration.

Built on Google Cloud Platform we apply the highest security standards:

- User management outsourced to Google Workspace

- API access through OAuth2 and SSL

- Distributed datastore, encrypted at rest

- Security Infrastructure outsourced to Google Cloud Platform

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