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Delete Bkper Data & Close Account
Delete Bkper Data & Close Account

To delete all your data from Bkper follow these simple instructions

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In case you feel like you don't want or need your data on Bkper anymore you have the freedom to delete your data at any moment and without any previous notice required.

Delete data

To delete recorded data from Bkper, it is enough to delete books. Before deleting a book make a backup with the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets fetching all transactions to the spreadsheet or download a CSV file to your computer. Once you delete a book there is no way to recover the data.

Remove Google account access

To revoke access to Bkper go to apps connected to your Google Account

Select Bkper on the list and click Remove button

By doing this, Bkper will no longer have access to any data of your Google Account. This only removes the access any recorded data is preserved on Bkper in order to delete the data see the previous paragraph.

Cell Phone App

Do not want to use Bkper from a Cell Phone no more, uninstall the Bkper app according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Unsubscribe from Bkper emails

Stop receiving emails from Bkper by clicking any unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.


In case you want/have to cancel the subscription or delete the data of someone nearby who passed away please send us an email at and we will help you with the cancelation and eventual data removal.

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