Accounts with recent changes on its balances are subject to automatic balance audit, done by our internal audit process that runs periodically, usually in less than one hour.

If some inconsistency is found, which is very, very rare to happen, a recover process starts automatically and restore the balances to a consistent state. Once the full audit process runs, the clock icon disappears.

Triggering audit manually

The audit process runs automatically, but you can trigger it anytime by reloading the book with shift-key pressed:

The process runs asynchronously and takes couple seconds to finish and update the menu.


Bkper stores your accounts and transactions in a distributed high scalable database, replicating all information over a wide geographic area to provide high reliability and fault tolerance.

This architecture provides a robust infrastructure to do finance and accounting on the cloud, but it leads to a potential double-spending problem.

This problem is very, very rare to happen - in fact, just happen around twice every 3 years, affecting 2 books between hundreds thousands - but it can lead to inconsistencies on balances.

To solve this issue we developed - and evolved over the course of more than 5 years - an audit infrastructure based on consensus, that runs periodically, and make sure all your balances are strict consistent.

We continuously evolve this infrastructure to shorten the audit time.

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