Use Collections to streamline work between multiple books.

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Collections create a relation between books that streamlines work with multiple books. This can be as simple as opening multiple books in a collection at once and switch between them in one click whilst staying within the same context or as sophisticated as creating a reference for automations (Bot or App) that works on all the books in the collection.

You can think of tracking the same resources in multiple currencies or having several branch offices in one collection and switch between them with ease.

Create a collection

  1. On the book list in the top right corner, press More and select "Create new collection".

  2. Enter a name for the collection.

  3. Press Save.

Add a book to a collection (drag and drop)

  1. Click and hold the book you want to move.

  2. Move the item over the collection and release it.

Remove a book from collection

  1. On the right side, click More on the book you want to take out of the collection.

Note: The book will stay available on your book list, it is not deleted.

Delete a collection

  1. On the right side of the collection, click More and then "Delete".

  2. Click "Yes".

Note: The books in the removed collection will stay available on your book list, only the collection is removed.

Switch between books in one click

  1. Open a book that is part of a collection.

  2. Click on the tabs (footnote of the browser) to move between books in the collection.

Note: Switching between books of a collection maintains the current context. Meaning that the current query being executed is preserved between the tabs.

Permissions of collections

Collection are unique by user or domain, and only the owner who created the collection can edit or add/remove books into it.
To share books from your collection, you have to give permission for each book separately as access permissions are managed at book level. See how to share a book.

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