Bkper Exchange Bot

The Exchange bot lets you operate in multiple currencies without the overhead of syncing books or calculating gains and losses.

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The Exchange Bot keeps multiple currencies in different books in sync with real time exchange rates and it balances FX gains and losses of non portfolio accounts (bank) and Realized and Unrealized FX gains and losses of portfolio accounts (Stocks & Bonds).

The Bkper Exchange Bot is a nifty help to distribute much more accurate data much faster.

Multiple Currencies

To work in multiple currencies on Bkper create a book for each currency you operate in with a name and currency suffix (Bkper USD, Bkper EUR) and place all books together in a collection with the name of the books (Bkper).

Install on all the books in the collection the Exchange Bot and set the properties on these books required for the Exchange Bot to function properly.

Transactions mirroring

Once the Exchange Bot is installed and properties are set on the books in a collection transactions are mirrored in the other currency (ies) according to the Exchange Rate at the moment of the transactions.

Apply transaction properties to change the standard behaviour of the Exchange Bot. This is relevant for international wires and when actual rates differ from the Exchange Bot rates.

FX Gains and Losses

The Context menu (More) on books where the Bot is installed have an Exchange Bot menu option that runs the exchange update process to calculates and record the Foreign Exchange Gains or Losses on your assets according to real time rates.

Standard behaviour for the Exchange bot is to record the Exchange rates to liability accounts with the same name as the permanent account with the EXC suffix. These accounts are automatically created by the Bot and don't need to be added manually.

Behaviour in conjunction with the Stockbot is different for accounts that have the stock_exc_code set on their parent group. In the case of Assets that are traded by the stock bot the Unrealized and realized FX gains and losses are recorded on Incoming type accounts because of their nature.

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