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Bkper Bots Installation
Bkper Bots Installation

Learn to install and remove Bots

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Bots are a secure and effective way to automate everyday tasks on your books.

Install Bkper Bots on your books

In the book configuration ⚙️ select Automations

Select Bots

Select the Bot you want to use.

Click on Install.

The first time you install a bot you will have to authenticate and authorize the Bots access to your book. 

Authenticate the access with your Google User Account.

Allow (authorize) access to the required scopes by the bot.

Once you authenticated and authorized access by the Bot you can check it's status in the Automations' Connections.
These connections are per user not per book, so you can use one connection on multiple books. Delete this connection, and all the configurations related to this connection will stop working.  

The Bot is properly installed, follow any configuration instructions as required.

Remove a Bot from your book

In the book configuration ⚙️ select Automations.

Select Configurations.

Select the Bot you want to remove.

Click on Remove.

Get to know the available Bots.

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