Organize your finances in a flexible way that fits your business needs and create proper financial statements that you control without to much overhead.

With the Bkper Add-on on a Google Sheet you can represent your financial position in a Balance sheet, performance in an Income Statement and a Cash flow statement. 

What you need:

The chart of accounts

Create accounts to record your daily transactions and group them in meaningful groups for your business.


Post transactions on your Bkper book and the balance values of the accounts and groups are updated with each new transaction. 

Financial Statements on Google Sheets.

On the First tab (FS 2019)  set a start and end date for this financial statement. 

Note: The next period, only change the dates to make a new statement.  

Bkper Queries
Write queries for accounts or groups referring to the start and end dates on the first tab. 

The formula In Cell C5:

="account:'"& B5 &"' is:checked on:"&TEXT(DATE(YEAR('FS 2019'!$C$9),MONTH('FS 2019'!$C$9),DAY('FS 2019'!$C$9)+1) , "mm/dd/yyyy")

The resulting query:

account:'Citi Bank' is:checked on:01/01/2020

Bkper Formula
The last step is to write a Bkper Formula to fetches the balance values from the book.

The formula on cell B14 


Resulting in the Balance Value of the Bank account on the last day of the period. 

Following this logic you can construct any statement. 

Note: - All the cells with Bkper Formulas are colored gray.
          - Group Columns and rows to meet current patterns of representation.
          - This is an example for explanation purposes, check your financial statements                with a local professional.
          - Profit and Loss on Google Sheets explains each step to create a financial                       report on Google Sheet with Bkper Data. 

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