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Professional-Quality Financial Statements for Your Business with Google Sheets and Bkper

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This help article gives an overview on how you can leverage the power of Google Sheets to prepare a Financial Statement with Bkper data that you can safely share with your peers. By doing so, you can simplify periodic obligations and have a better understanding of your business's financial position and performance.

Financial Statements on Google Sheets with Bkper

This working example, resembles a small team that starts an online subscription-based service. It consists of a Bkper sample book that covers little over two years of operations and a Google Sheets Report that reflects a financial statement which provides a clear insight into the evolution of its financial position on the Balance Sheet, and its performance via the Income Statement.

The concepts covered in this Example


Under the group Shareholders you will find the financial transactions that correspond to the distribution of shares. Two shareholders can be considered as founders and two shareholders buy in their share with a par value and an amount paid in excess.


Under the group Capital contributions you can find the financial transactions that correspond to an investment.


Under the group Reimbursements you can find all the expenses paid by the founders before getting any revenue.

Payment Gateway

The group Accounts Receivable represent the use of a Payment Gateway that handles the billing of final customers.

Gross Margin / Net Income

The group Gross Margin shows the results of revenue from regular operations and the cost of goods sold.

The Net Income includes the result of all income and expenses.

Retained Earnings

The Retained Earnings, at the end of the period covered in this example, sum a profit from 2023 and a loss in 2024.

Note: The Payroll is simplified to salary expenses

The Financial Statement

Balance Sheet

The Financial Statement on Google Sheet fetches the Balance Sheet on December 31, 2024 and the previous year from the sample book. Giving the position of Assets, Liabilities and Equity as well as its evolution over the period.

Income Statement

The Financial Statement on the Google Sheet also fetches an Income Statement that covers the performance of the years 2024 and 2023.

Retained Earnings

The Financial Statement fetches the Profit and Loss evolution as Retained Earnings in this book.

Materials and Requirements

To make the most of this guide, you need to have some prior experience with Google Sheets and Bkper. Familiarity with these tools will enable you to understand the concepts covered. Additionally, having a basic understanding of bookkeeping and/or accounting principles will greatly enhance your comprehension of both the book and the Income Statement.

  • Bkper book: this book is the base to organizing and consistently track all transactions and balance values.

  • Google sheets: Bkper leverages the power of Google Sheets to create financial statements and perform any related calculations.

  • The Bkper add-on for Google Sheets: The add-on integrates both platforms seamlessly.

How does it work

The Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets seamlessly integrates both services, enabling effortless retrieval of financial data from your Bkper Book directly to your Google Sheets.

A Financial Statement on a Google Sheet connected with a Bkper Book is updated as new transactions update account balances on the book.

Technically the financial data is fetched from your book using oAuth2 authentication and authorization. The Bkper Add-on and Bkper Functions are open-source projects that leverage the BkperApp library for Google Apps Script, enabling access to Bkper API endpoints.

You can fetch the financial data through the Bkper Add-on wizard or by writing Bkper Functions that come together with the installation of the Add-on.

Financial Statement Details

Sheet FS 2024

The bookid in Cell C6 indicates the book source of the statement.

The dates in cell C8 and C9 show the period that the statement covers.

Sheet Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet has Bkper Formulas in B7 for the year 2024 and D7 for the year 2023

Although it is not exactly the scope of this help article this is what the dynamic Bkper function looks like in cell B7.

=BKPER_BALANCES_TOTAL('FS 2024'!C6, 1, "group:'Net Assets' on:"& C6, 5, FALSE, FALSE)

Dynamic because if you change the bookid and / or the dates on the FS 2024 tab the entire income statement will dynamically adjust to these new conditions. Ideal to template or standardize books and reports for your customers.

Tab Income Statement

The Bkper Formulas for the Income Statement are on cells

B7 For the extended P&L of 2024

O8 For P&L totals of 2024

Q7 For the extended P&L of 2023

AD8 For P&L totals of 2023

By fetching the same data in different ways (extended and totals) you naturally audit for differences.

Tab Retained Earnings

The retained earnings tab is intended as an example of a wide range of reports that you can derive from the Balance values on a Bkper book. It also includes the feature of comparing data from different points in the book (Net Income and Retained Earnings itself)

Cells G9 and G10 hold the Bkper Formulas that fetch the Retained Earning totals for each year.

Experiment with your own copy

The best way to master these concepts is to experiment with your own copy of this this working example.

  1. Install Bkper add-on for Google Sheets.

  2. Post transactions on your book.

  3. Open your Financial Statement and on the tab FS 2024

    • change the bookid to the id of your copy of the book.

    • change the start and end date according to the period of your transactions.

Note: It can take a while (up to 24 hours) for Google Sheets to recognize the Bkper Functions on copies of a Google Sheet.


This help article counts with numerous links to specific data both on the Book and the Google Sheet, enabling us to point you to exact data without any searching on your part. Imagine how this boosts your productivity when you work with your peers within a clear context. This collaboration empowers your communication with clients, collaborators, CPAs, bookkeepers, auditors, etc. improving financial productivity with exactly the same efficiency.

Getting Help

If you are thinking this is really nice but you will require professional assistance to organize and maintain your books, you may consider reaching out to the following firms:

  1. Contabnet - Located in Brazil, Contabnet provides accounting and bookkeeping services. They offer expertise in local regulations and you can outsource your bookkeeping to them.

  2. RVG - Based in Dubai, RVG offers professional accounting services. Their team can help with bookkeeping, financial reporting, and other related tasks, ensuring compliance with local requirements.

If you are a professional that is already working with Bkper please let us know since we always receive customer requests for professional guidance.

Of course you can always drop us a line via our support channels if you have any questions related to this help article.

Remember to conduct your own due diligence when selecting a professional firm and ensure that they align with your specific needs and requirements.


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