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Help Center

This Help Center is here to give you a complete reference of Bkper. It explains how to use features, how to implement bookkeeping and accounting principals. You can also find more generic information about the platform, such as its integrations or how to handle your bkper account.

We constantly monitor the performance of this help center and when you signal gaps we cover them. So your best start to learn about Bkper is this help center.

Bkper Channel on Youtube

On our Youtube channel you can find a variety of videos from getting started videos to more conceptual videos that explain how to implement a bookkeeping or accounting principle on Bkper.

Fin Chat Support (AI)

Fin is an AI Driven Support Assistant from Intercom. Fin answers your questions on the in app chat support. It gets its answers from a language model that includes all our help documentation, websites, blogposts and human answers given in the past through support.

Fin Chat Support is available on all Bkper Subscription Tiers (including Bkper Free)

Human Chat support

Subscribers can tab in to the Bkper teams' expertise directly from within the Web App while you are working. Ask any question directly to the team to get answers swiftly. Of course response times can increase during peak season, still we we manage to answer your questions fast.

Email support

You can send your questions to where the Bkper team takes notice of your message. Depending on the importance of your matter and your Subscription tier the team engages with you (or not).

Bkper Community

We stimulate you to join the online community to get updates about new features, join discussions, ask your questions and help other Bkper users progress.

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