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Known Issues - Bkper Functions for Google Sheets
Known Issues - Bkper Functions for Google Sheets

Troubleshooting for Bkper Functions for Google Sheets

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If you have trouble using the Bkper Functions for Google Sheets you can try solve it with the instructions bellow.

Where can I find the Book ID?

The bookId is located on the URL.

How to Identify an error?

Sometimes when executing a function, you can get to some error. Those errors can be identified by rolling the mouse over the cell with the #ERROR! or #REF results, like bellow: 

1. #NAME? Error: Unknown function 'BKPER_XXXX'

When you copy a Google Sheet that contains Bkper Functions, such as one of Bkper’s Templates, you might encounter a problem where Google Sheets cannot find the copied Bkper Functions. When this happens, The Sheet displays a #NAME? error in the cells that call a Bkper Function.

Often, this error will clear itself but that can take up to 24 hours. One method that might help is to update the BKper Add-on using the menu item Extensions >> Bkper >> Update.

In the case this problem persists what you can consider the following or a combination of the following solutions:

1 - You don't have the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets Installed

2 - You haven't had opened Bkper add-on for the first time yet

  • Open Bkper Add-on on menu "Add-ons > Bkper > Open"

3 - The Spreadsheet copy is broken.

  • Make another copy of the broken spreadsheet. If this works for you, please star this issue to keep track of a future solution.

4 - The Bkper Add-on for G Suite installation is broken.

2. Error: Invalid Query!

This means the query you are running is not valid. You can copy the query and paste in the Bkper dashboard, to see if it works:

Some tips:

  • When mounting dynamic queries, with TEXT() and '&' concatenation functions, build the query in a cell first, then use this cell as a reference to build the Bkper Formula, like in the Simple General Ledger Report example.

  • Check if the date format of your query matches the same format of the Book Settings.

  • Check quotes around accounts and groups names.

  • Check the operators from the Query/Search guide.

3. Error: Array result was not expanded

This means the result returned from Bkper needs more rows on spreadsheet. Select some in the middle of the dataset and add more rows until the result appears:

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