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Bkper Installments Bot
Bkper Installments Bot

Record monthly recurring transactions automatically

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The Bkper Installments bot is one of the oldest bots around on Bkper, so it is shipped directly with your new books, meaning it does not require a separate installation when you create a new Book. The Bkper Installments bot is a monthly transaction multiplier to record recurring transactions.

It records all your installments at once instead of you having to record all the installments manually one by one.

Let's suppose you just closed a two year contract for your office rent. Instead of creating 24 entries you record: 

  • 02/01/2021 (date)

  • 2000 (the amount)

  • #officerent (description)

  • 24x

- The "x" in 24x is a minor x on your keyboard.

Post the first transaction that appears on your book and the installments will start to appear recorded by the Bot, identifiable by the agent on the right.

In this case, it was not necessary to add the accounts "Bank Account" (from) and "Office Rent" (to) because the BookBot automatically filled out the transactions and choosed the accounts based on previously recorded information (already knows that #officerent represents this transaction).

See a video how the Bkper Installment bot works:

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