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Bkper Bank Connections
Record bank and credit card transactions on Bkper as they are executed in real time.
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Connect bank and credit card accounts to Bkper, recording every transaction on Bkper as they happen in real time.

1. Access Bkper Bank Connections

2. You can select banks from countries that are colored on the map.

3. Read the Privacy Policy and click "Continue".

4. Search and select your bank.

5. Insert your credentials.

6. Once you establish a connection you can configure on which account in a book the transactions should be recorded.

Note: If you select a long period of historical data, it might take up to two days for those transactions to appear on your book, as that data has to be gathered at the bank. In some case historical data it is not supported by the institution, in this case you have to import the historical data.

From now on, transactions of this bank or credit card connection will be recorded in Bkper as they occur at the institution.

In the beginning you will have to help the Bkper Bookbot to discover the counter account of the recorded drafts. Over a short period time the Bkper Bookbot will complete the drafts for you.

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Are you having issues with your Bank Connection?

If your transactions are not coming, try to:

  • Tip 1: Wait a little bit

    After made your first book connection, it typically takes a while for a transaction appears on the book.

  • Tip 2: Select a new historical period and resave it

  1. Go to Automations portal

  2. Book Configurations

  3. Choose the period

  4. And then, click "Save Configuration".

    Check how here >>

If you couldn't connect with your bank

Maybe you entered incorrect credentials at their selected institution. Please retry entering correct credentials.

Extra spaces, capitalization, and punctuation errors are common causes of invalid credentials.

Note: If you try the tips above and you’re still having issues, contact us informing the name of your bank that you are trying to connect so we can check what's happening.

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