Even the simplest construction involves a lot of costs, like: equipments, raw material, suppliers. In this article, you are going to know how to organize your construction's finances with Bkper. 

Let's get started imagining that you bought building materials and you will pay it with the money that you will receive from a customer.

In that case, you are generating a Receivable Amount from a customer, because you paid that supplier for him, so you want that customer to reimburse you later, right? 

If so, you will also need to control the receivables and generate another transaction at the time you buy from the supplier.

So, for example, to control receivables from 2 customers, the flow would be:

That is, you always have 2 transactions to also record the receivables from each customer. 

You also record each transaction separately, when you pay the supplier and when customer pays you, to clean receivable and payable balances, at the date the money is actually moved:

That way you control every receivable from each customer and every payable for suppliers. You can also include other transactions on receivables, such as your administrative fees, taxes and so on.

  • Get your finances organized in an easy to read Balance Sheet with its Equity.
  • See monthly costs.
  • Open this book, copy it and you are ready to start working!
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