What is Bkper?

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What is Bkper?

Bkper simplifies finances with a collaborative bookkeeping workspace for Google Workspace. 

It's where you and your peers keep track of business economics together, with bots helping to reduce manual data entry, automations reduce financial workflow overhead and where you get the financial insights that matter to your success.

With Bkper you can

  • Keep track of specific financial flows within organizations like expense reports, team budgets or control centres of cost. 

  • Easily import, export, run custom functions and create beautiful dashboards with Bkper data from inside your Google Sheets.

  • Quickly record your transactions and fetch data from Bkper into your Google Spreadsheet to centralize financial data and easily create accounting and financial statements.

  • Manage finances and accounting for small to medium businesses

  • Get everything in real-time account balances, automatically organized in a Balance Sheet and financial statements.

  • Share your books, at different levels of permissions, with your team members or external peers.

  • Keep your financial data-flow and communications in one central, consistent and collaborative place. 

  • Create financial awareness with easy to build real time dashboards.

  • Build customizations and integrations to your needs.

  • Centralize financial data from multiple banks and credit cards.


  • Unlimited books, accounts, users and storage.

  • Bots doing the heavy lifting on your bookkeeping. 

  • Contextual communication within the scope of your workspace with notifications for your team members and peers.

  • Automated Data collection through Google Workspace (integrations with Google Sheets and Gmail)

  • Inform specific audiences, like investors or managers with beautiful dashboards. 

  • Attach multiple files and pictures to your transactions.

About us

Bkper is a Google Cloud partner with the most advanced bookkeeping solution for Google Cloud and its the #1 Bookkeeping App for Google Workspace.

Bkper has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Workspace Marketplace, with more than 68,000 users worldwide, recording over a million transactions a year.

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