As Bkper grows, we’re constantly evolving our products in a process of listening, observing, analyzing and learning about problems people and businesses face, and find genuine solutions for their financial data flow.







  • Shutdown of our referral program and the Bkper Gold Plan. 

We decided to discontinue our referral program due to low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful program that meets consumers’ expectations.  With this we will gain agility to improve our bookkeeping core and focus on what matters to simplify finances and accounting on Google Cloud.


Use the new Bkper Building blocks within your Ultradox workflows.  





  • New Help Center layout and better connection with our users through Intercom messenger. 


Multiple attachments ( 


Templates on dashboard (


New templates webpage 


  • Sharing with Record-Only new receives notification email (
  • Sharing email logo white labeled for Business and Professional customers (


  • See who is online on BookTracking transaction creators by username instead of email Comments on transactions Improved search autocomplete
  • Docs Add-on shutdown
  • Forms Add-on Added highlight and log on Google Sheets for responses successfully recorded on Bkper


  • Added Activities for all other resources - Book, Accounts, Groups - and Collaborators Released Referral program, with Bkper Gold Plan



  • Released Activities to track changes on transactions


  • Autopost is default on newly created books.


  • Changed support structure.Improvements on Ultradox integrationAdded date format  yyyy/mm/dd





  • Sheet Add-on Minor Bug fix


  • Batch operations (check, post , revert)Bug Fix: OFX file Balance sidebar Slider for non-permanent accounts (income/expense type)Several UX improvements on form.Improvements on recording, editing and posting transactions flow.UX improvement for check/uncheck 


  • Several UX improvements on creating groupsSeveral UX improvements  Bug fix: copy paste in Excel on Firefox Bug fix: Drive integration pre-fix Improvements on recording and posting 
  • Sheet Add-on Bug fix: fetch balances with gaps on dates/periods with no balance change 


  • Weekly summery email Several improvements on list books Zapier out of beta Only Integrations, no more extensions


  • Bugfix: registration duplicates Deprecated recurring transactions Partner console Default book set to general ledger
  • Sheet Add-on On fetch serve Attachment Url and Urls Auto update, only update if book has been updated


  • Expansible menu Apply new group to selected accounts Apply account types in batch Validate account types per group, groups  can only have one account type Mixed groups by account types Assets together with Liabilities  and Revenue with Expenses Use account types instead of Permanent Debit and Credit Bookbot finds accounts that start with the same word Bugfix: queries with group with many accounts Zapier Integration: added  Account description, group and account balance to outgoing zaps.
  • Add-ons Bugfix: queries with more than one account, presentation format  


  • Lowercase recognition of accounts in post form Account types instead of permanent and none permanent accounts Results for mixed groups Groups account type validation Batch account type Bugfix: delete groups  Resize balance menu on transaction window


  • Evolved Balances for non-permanent accounts Added Integration with Zapier Migrated Google Drive Inbox to Integrations Bugfix: max value (number size) reached Applied Checked & Unchecked to Charts and balances Bugfix: Lowercase does not auto complete in Advanced Discontinued bkper Gold subscription
  • Add-ons Added Auto Record Feature


  • Added bkper For Work package Migrated from Google + Login to Google Accounts Login Added Google Drive listing to install bkper and create Books from within Drive Hashtags now is copied when you copy a Book
  • Add-ons Bugfix: Add-ons wasn't opening for some browsers versions/vendors


  • Display group balances on the left hand menu (Issue #45)Bugfix: Report period balance and cumulative balance are misaligned  (Issue #46)Bugfix: Horizontal line on charts completing period. 
  • Add-ons Migrated to IFRAME Sandbox mode according Google Apps Script Migration Guide.  




  • bkper Gold Added the paid plan bkper Gold (Read more on the Introducing bkper Gold blog post)
  • Bugfix: #Deactivated in other languages.Bugfix:  Language translation in Book Listing.

October 29, 2015

  • Added feature: Trash bin. Now you can recover deleted drafts and restore reverted Records on the web.

September 30, 2015

  • Added feature: One click remove saved queries on the web. Improvement: Increased font size on the web.Improved Integration's: Now all integration's are placed together for a better view on possible Integration's, already existing integration's and like this enhance easier and more intuitive use.
  • BkperApp 190 Added Account.getUsedTags  (for the forum question List of Hash Tags Used)

August 27, 2015

  • Added feature: Public books. Now you can publish your books on the web.

August 21, 2015

  • Added feature: Create accounts on Advanced posting page. Now you can create accounts direct form the Advanced posting page

August 10, 2015

  • Improved feature: Autocomplete on main field. Now accounts and transaction descriptions are also suggested in addition to the #hashtags.

July 24, 2015

  • Added feature: Google Contacts integration on the sharing settings page.

June 15, 2015

June 2, 2015

May 20, 2015

May 14, 2015

  • BkperApp 169 Added Book.getFractionDigits (Part of Issue 29)Changed Report.BalanceReportChanged BalancesDataTableBuilder

March 31, 2015

  • BkperApp 168 Renamed Ledger object to BookAdded BkperApp.openByIdAdded BkperApp.listBooksDeprecated BkperApp.openLedgerByIdDeprecated BkperApp.listLedgers

March 30, 2015

March 23, 2015

  • Added configurable fraction digits on Ledgers

March 17, 2015

March 11, 2015

March 6, 2015

  • BkperApp 159 Added Account.getDescriptionAdded Ledger.formatValue

March 5, 2015

March 4, 2015

February 28, 2015

  • Bugfix: Hashtags now works for oriental languages

February 26, 2015

February 25, 2015

  • Bookbot improved - considering same description prior to same hashtags

February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

  • Bugfix: Data and user changed when user confirm the draft (Issue 15)


December 17, 2014

  • Charts toggle button - Charts and Transactions rendered on same screen. (Reflect of Issue 3)

December 1, 2014

November 19, 2014

Google Docs Add-on

November 13, 2014

BkperApp 136

  • Added "timeZone" optional param to Ledger.record
  • Removed "referencesToTransactionId" param from Ledger.record

November 8, 2014

November 7, 2014

Google Docs Add-on

  • Added Autosend pdf report feature (Issue 7)

November 4, 2014

  • Added "group:" and multiple "acc:" filters support to Transactions query (Issue 3)

October 31, 2014

Google Docs Add-on

  • Added Update statements feature (Issue 7)  

BkperApp 135

  • Added BalancesDataTableBuilder.formatDate
  • Added BalancesDataTableBuilder.formatValue
  • Added BalancesDataTableBuilder.buildChartDataTable

October 29, 2014

October 23, 2014

  • Google Forms Add-on released

October 10, 2014

  • Supporting Dutch language

October 6, 2014

  • Supporting Spanish and Catalan languages
  • Ledger settings sets Date Pattern and Decimal Separator instead of locale  

BkperApp 130:

  • Account.get
  • Balance gets representative balace by default
  • Transaction.getAccountBalance gets representative balance by defaultAdded Transaction.getOther
  • AccountName(account)
  • Added Ledger.getDatePattern
  • Added Ledger.getDecimalSeparator
  • Deprecated Ledger.getLocale

September 26, 2014

BkperApp 129:

  • Added "representative" param to Account.getBalance
  • Added Transaction.getOtherAccount(account)
  • Added Transaction.getCreditAmount() and Transaction.getDebitAmount()
  • Added "representative" param to Transaction.getAccountBalance
  • Added Transaction.getAttachmentUrl
  • Removed Ledger.getTransactionById

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