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Consumption based Subscriptions

Bkper is Free and there is No credit card is required up front to get Started.

When you start to get value from your bookkeeping on our Platform you can upgrade to a paid subscription plan where you are charged based on the consumption of the number of posted Transaction per month.

Subscription Plans

Bkper Free

Bkper Free is a fully functional version of Bkper with minor limitations that don't affect proper evaluation or personal and household use. It gives you plenty of space to experiment with all functionalities and learn how Bkper works and helps you.

The Free version is always there, so you can cancel paid subscriptions and continue to work with all your data available to you.

Bkper is Free for as long as you need and only when the value from the service becomes more evident you can decide to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

When you enter Bkper for the first time and get engaged on the Bkper Free Plan at a certain point you will enter in a free, Unlimited plan. During a period of 30 days you get to evaluate paid features that are not available on the Bkper Free plan.

Bkper Free quota apply per book owner .

Bkper Standard

Bkper Standard Subscription is intended for Individuals, NPOs and Businesses that have the responsibility to keep track of their bookkeeping needing less than 1000 transactions per month. On the Standard plan Bkper Bank Connections are enabled and we will answer your questions through chat & email support.

Bkper Standard quota apply per book owner.

Bkper Business

Bkper Business Subscription is intended for Businesses and NPOs that need more than 1000 but less than 5000 transactions per month. On the Business plan Bkper Bank Connections are enabled, we will answer your chat and email questions within a business day and you can set closing dates on your book.

Bkper Business quota apply per Domain owner.

Bkper Professional

Bkper Professional Subscriptions is intended for Businesses which business depends on thorough bookkeeping in time and need way more than 5000 transactions per month . Tiers on the Professional Plan increase by 50K Transactions per month. Please check out the Professional Plans for more details.

You can Subscribe to Bkper in the web app where we handle billing through Stripe or you can Subscribe on the Google Cloud Market Place.

You can cancel your Bkper Subscription at any time, and you will keep the access with paid features till the end of your billing period. After this period, your account switches to the Bkper Free plan.

When you cancel a Bkper Subscription plan you will continue with your access to all your data as normal, you are just limited to the conditions of the Free tier.

No Limitations

There are NO limitations on the number of books, accounts, groups or shared users in any of the plans. Although each subscription plan has a max monthly threshold of Transactions, there is no limitation on how many Transactions one can have.

A transaction can hold attachments of 20mb each. And there are no limitations on the total number of attachments or total space occupied per account.

Consumption of posted transactions during the month are shown on the Book list on a per book basis or as a summary in the left bottom corner of each book that you own.

Transaction counters for any billing cycle are reset to zero (0) on the first day of the month. So, even if you payment day is the 15th of a month the counters are reset on the first day of the month.

If you reach the limit of transactions of your plan in a month, you can continue to record drafts. When you attempt to post new transactions you will get notified that you have past your plans threshold.

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