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The Bkper mobile apps for Android and iOS are not maintained and will be deprecated at some point. We are migrating to a PWA version of Bkper that will make the user experience more fluid across all browsers and hardware platforms.

Because of the lack of maintenance you are likely to encounter more flaws on the mobile apps over time, our apologies for this.

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The Bkper Mobile App allows you to record all expenses and incomes at the time and place in which occur. For example, if you had lunch at some restaurant, you can make a record of that expense and also take a picture of the receipt and attach it in the transaction. This record it will automatically appear on your book and you can access from any device (computer, tablet, cellphone).

The App you can:

  • Easily record financial transactions, as notes, with a single line of text.

  • Take pictures and attach them to your transactions.

  • Get suggestions based on your previous record's locations or places around you.

  • Keep your data safe and secure in the Google Cloud.


To remove transactions from your android app, swipe left. To edit is only through the website.


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