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Profit & Loss and Net Income (Net Loss)
Profit & Loss and Net Income (Net Loss)
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Net Income is the result of revenues and gains minus the cost of goods sold and all expenses and losses, in a window of time.

As in the example bellow put all Incoming and Outgoing accounts into a cross group Net Income to get your net income in real time.

On the Balance menu on the left the group Net Income shows the result of all Incoming and Outgoing Accounts, getting updated in real-time, upon every transaction posting, for the selected period.

The Net Income group now shows in the left menu, with the result of the current month summing all incoming and outgoing balance values. This is a real time value as it is updated by each transaction that is posted with any one account that is grouped within it.  

Change the months in the slider above the incoming accounts ( < Dec 2016 >), to see the results of other months.   

The Profit and Loss report on Google Sheets example shows how you can use this information to create a P&L to share with your peers. 


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