Bank Accounts

Organize Bank Accounts on the Chart of Accounts for effortless consolidation

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With several Bank Accounts it can become hard to consolidate the total balance value of all your bank accounts. Group the bank accounts on your book into one group and you get the total balance value effortlessly.

On the Balance Sheet in the left menu of your Book you can find the balance values of your bank Accounts.

To get the Consolidated Balance Value of all Bank Accounts, Group them into a single group.

Record Incoming and Outgoing transactions to and from your Bank Accounts.

Keep Track of each Bank Account separately.

Brex Cash 7000 = +20000 - 8000 - 5000

Citi Bank 500 = +8000 - 5000 - 2000 - 500

The Group Bank Accounts updates together with the Transactions Always showing the consolidated Balance Value of all the Bank Accounts.

Bank Accounts 7500 = Brex Cash 7000 + Citi Bank 500

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