Chart Reports
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Bkper Charts represent Balance values in any range of time and are a Fast and Easy way to analyze your Finances.

Access charts

  1. Click on Balance Values of any Group or Account on the balance sidebar and its charts will show

  2. or click on the Pie symbol (on the right) shown with any query result.

Interact with Charts

  1. Pass your mouse over Charts to see details of balance values.

  2. Click on a Group chart to show the group's account details in the chart.

The Chart after clicking on the Group chart line reveals its Account details.

 Click on a Account line to query the related transactions bellow.

The transactions after clicking on the Account line refer to that period in time.

 - Charts are always related to a query result.
 - With charts opened, Click on any Account in the transactions bellow to change to this Accounts' Chart info.

Detailed charts

Alt + click to see the detailed charts.

Close Charts

Click on the X in the top right corner of the charts.

Or Click on any item in the Balance sidebar.

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