Ultradox is a process automation and template engine for GSuite.

You can generate invoices and automatically record the transaction on Bkper. Similarly, you can automatically generate a receipt and record it as a transaction as soon as customer pays you.

If you are new to Ultradox and want to know more go to Ultradox help.

This example shows how to record an invoice automatically generated by Ultradox to your Bkper book.

It uses the Invoicing for G Suite template from Ultradox Template Gallery

Copy the Invoicing template

To start, go to Ultradox website and copy a complete Invoice for GSuite example of Ultradox:

Add Bkper to Ultradox

Click on "Add more" to show all Ultradox integrated API's

Search for "Bkper"

Add the "Record Transaction" Bkper building block

Now that Bkper is showing at Ultradox menu, just drag and drop the "Record" building block to the end of your flow, right after sending invoice to customer

Configure your building block

Create a Form to store Bkper bookId and build the record text:

Configure the form with your bookId param from your Bkper book url:

Configure Additional Fields

For file, you can add the pdf, by setting the variable
The output format of the file must be base64 to be sent to the API

For text, you can mount your text in a way it will be parsed and accounts will be found by the Bookbot, adding the invoice date, customer name and some hashtags. Example:

${invoiceDate;date(op=MM/dd/yyyy)} ${total;number(op=#.00)} #invoice ${invoiceNumber} ${customer.customer} 

You can also use the Invoice Number as the id, to avoid duplication in case of running the flow multiple times:

Run the App

Now, just run the App, generate and send the invoice and see your transaction, with the invoice attached, right on your Bkper book! :-)

Here you have more a help article with more details of our Ultradox Invoicing for G Suite works:


If you need assistance in help you automate your processes, configure flows and accounts, just get in touch. We will be happy to help you!

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