Zapier connects with more than 1000 online solutions and allows you to automate workflows visually without the need of technical knowledge or programming requirements. 

It is likely that solutions that you already use are amongst the apps that Zapier offers connections for. So you can easily grab operations from these Apps and record them consistently as transactions on Bkper. 

A good example is Invoicing. For each invoice you generate on your Invoicing App you record a receivable on Bkper updating the balance values for your customers.

We have prepared some ready to use Zaps for you:


Authenticate on Zapier

First connect your Bkper account on the new Zap.

Next, login to your Bkper account.

Finally, Give Zapier permission to access your account. Click “Allow” to continue.

If all steps were successful your Bkper account is connected.

Zapier Named Variables

Use Zapier Named Variables in Bkper to provide meta data to connect with other solutions.

Use Named Variables in the Account and Transactions descriptions as meta data for Zapier integrations with other Apps.

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